Foto - Vacon 50x

Multipurpose frequency converters:

  • Vacon NXS – efficient converter suitable for machine usage (crusher, conveyors, compressors, cranes …), also for use in the buildings (elevators, escalators…) and in all industrial branches.
  • Vacon 50x – a combination of power and highest industrial coverage IP66, which is ideal for the use under all extreme operating conditions where dirt and humidity could lead to converter damage.
Foto - Vacon NXP, kvapalinou chladený

Industrial frquency converters:

  • Air Cooled Vacon NXP – latest frequency converter designed for various applications where resistance, dynamics and accuracy is needed.
  • Liquid Cooled Vacon NXP – space saving converter suitable for places where it would be difficult or too expensive to apply air cooled converter. With this converter you can achieve up to 70% space savings.
  • Enclosed converter Vacon NXC - a converter designed for the most demanding usage when a flexible, compact, robust and serviceable industrial converter is needed.

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