Soft starters

We supply soft starters for every use and every application.

AuCom Electronics company based in New Zealand is among the leaders in the global market with soft starter AuCom Electronics operates in the field of electric motors controlled lowering from 70's of last century. For the quality of products, we focused on pioneering in the optimization of starts, we have chosen as a supplier and also partner company AuCom Electronics. Wide product platform, low voltage and high voltage solutions, power range from 7.5 kW - 1000kW NN and 0,18MW - 5,5MW VN offer almost complete coverage on the market.

Compact soft starters CSX a CSXi

Aucom CSX Aucom CSXi
Foto - Aucom CSX Foto - Aucom CSXi
7 – 110 kW 7 – 110 kW
Brochure .PDF Brochure .PDF
AuCom CSX – reliable, easy to use soft starter for motors, suitable for existing motor control systems Aucom CSXi – compact, small-sized soft starter offering a motor starting and motor protection solution

Multipurpose soft starters EMX3

Aucom EMX3
Foto - Aucom EMX3
11 kW – 1 MW
Brochurea .PDF
AuCom EMX3 – smart, dependable and easy to use soft starter. New design features make the EMX3 the perfect solution for quick set-up or more customised control

Medium voltage soft starters MVS

Aucom MVS
Foto - Aucom MVS
50 A – 600 A
Brochure .PDF

AuCom MVS - is an integrated solution for motor control and protection. Advanced algorithms ensure ultra-smooth starting and stopping, and fully adjustable protection features maximise electrical and mechanical protection for your motor and system


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CSX (user manual)
CSXi (user manual)
EMX3 (user manual)
MVS (user manual)
IMS2 (user manual)